Episode 93: Gina Gomez: Critical Thinking & Difficult Conversations

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Today’s conversation is with someone we’ve been hearing amazing things about for years, and now we’re excited to introduce you to her, too. Gina Gomez has been referred to as the “Olivia Pope” of the personal development industry, and if you’ve never seen the TV series Scandal, she’s called that because she’s a fixer.

Gina is a business consultant and strategist who has worked with some of the most well-known and respected public figures in the online business world, and the takeaways from this episode are gold. We talk about inclusivity, critical thinking, and how to have difficult conversations – both in life and in business. Gina also gives clarity on how to deal with things that trigger us emotionally and how to navigate social media and use the facts instead of our emotions, so we can further the conversation in a productive way.

Episode 93: Gina Gomez: Critical Thinking & Difficult Conversations

In This Episode

  • Where Gina got her strong work ethic and critical thinking skills [4:03]
  • How critical thinking applies to our personal and professional lives [6:01]
  • The role of privilege [10:15]
  • Gina’s thoughts on the use of the word “light” [15:53]
  • Our responsibilities as consumers of content [17:08]
  • The #1 rule in a crisis [22:15]
  • How she got started doing the work she does now [23:49]
  • The steps to take to think critically [27:35]
  • How Gina takes care of herself [32:20]
  • What big mistakes people are making online [36:05]
  • The ways to self-audit your company for inclusivity [40:04]
  • Gina’s framework for having difficult conversations [45:28]

Selected Links from the Episode

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