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Episode 90: Renegade Beauty with Nadine Artemis

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Today we have a super fun interview for you with the amazing Nadine Artemis. Nadine is the co-creator of Living Libations, a beautiful, botanical-based, personal care company out of a small town in Ontario, Canada.

We love Nadine’s revolutionary philosophy about health, wellbeing, and how each of us should be treating our skin. In this episode, she shares all about this philosophy and why she wrote her new book, Renegade Beauty. We also talk about the way Nadine built and operates her business – which was totally inspiring as well! We can’t wait for you to listen!

Episode 90: Renegade Beauty with Nadine Artemis

In This Episode

  • How her products are different [3:52]
  • The state of the body care industry today and how our health is being affected [11:58]
  • Why Nadine wrote her book [14:00]
  • What we need to know about microbiomes [18:58]
  • What our diet does to our skin [20:47]
  • How we can support our children’s gut health [25:42]
  • What to do (and not do) with soap [32:52]
  • Nadine’s entrepreneurial journey [35:53]
  • The birth of Living Libations [41:52]
  • A devastating event they had to overcome [43:59]
  • Nadine’s special announcement [47:22]
  • What her role in the company looks like now [50:07]
  • The magic of delegation [52:02]
  • Nadine’s thoughts on goals [55:22]
  • Her product recommendations [57:30]

Selected Links from the Episode

Nadine’s Living Libations Website & Instagram

Her New Book, Renegade Beauty 

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The Beauty Myth by Naomi Wolf

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