Episode 9: How to Reinvent Yourself and Your Business with Licia Morelli

In this special episode, we’re joined by our friend Licia Morelli, who is the 2016 Maine Literary Award Winner for her best selling children’s book The Lemonade Hurricane: A Story of Mindfulness and Meditation. She’s the recipient of the Children’s Book Council honor and Gelett Burgess Honor for children’s literature. Licia is also a contributing essayist for The Huffington Post and elephant journal and is currently awaiting the release of her second children’s book in 2017.


In this Episode

So here’s what we’ll cover in this week’s episode:

  • She went to a Buddist college to get something different out of her education [2:00]
  • Her experience at college helps her notice things every day that she wouldn’t have [4:15]
  • As a child she knew she was different and had psychic abilities [6:30]
  • How does a psychic reading differ from having your Akaschic records read? [10:52]
  • Everybody has the abilities to see, hear and feel things, if they just take notice [15:30]
  • When facing cancer, Licia went into battle with the mind of an athlete [21:15]
  • If you’re in a traumatic situation, sometimes you just have to drive those emotions into something and deal with them later [25:37]
  • Licia stopped doing psychic readings because in them, people give away their power [26:50]
  • Whatever you’re doing, let it be inspired and powerful [27:10]
  • There’s something beautiful about exploring career options and not apologizing for it [30:30)
  • If you’re bold in what you do, people will believe you! Just put yourself out there…[32:20]
  • Test the waters, notice what’s working, and keep doing more of that [33:15]
  • Mindfulness, simply put, is about being aware [39:35]
  • There are alternative screening options to mammograms [42:00]
  • The one thing that Licia’s husband said to provide an anchor so she could stop running [47:28]
  • If you’re an entrepreneur, remember you’re not in it alone [48:30]
  • Take baby steps away from a business you want to leave, but don’t slam the door! [51:58]
  • What is “ghosting” all about? [54:20]
  • If you can just relax and not hold on to the outcome, your life will be so much fuller [55:55]
  • Patience has been her Achilles heel [57:30]
  • When teaching children about mindfulness, you have to do it in a different way than with adults [1:00:56]
  • In this era of “helicopter parenting”, allowing your child to be free instills trust [1:07:29]
  • She wants her people to be mad over her new book, and to think [1:09:15]
  • Licia’s steps for writing her books, and how the best ideas often drop in your head [1:16:00]
  • She’s making a life by paying more attention to her immediate surroundings [1:20:55]

Selected Links from the Episode

Licia’s Website Licia’s Instagram Licia’s Book: Lemonade Hurricane Licia’s List: I Pimp What I Love (Facebook) Leapin’ Lizards (Freeport, Maine) “Eat Pray Love” by Elizabeth Gilbert Marie Forleo’s interview with Seth Godin Tilbury House Publishers “Olivia” book series, by Ian Falconer


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