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Episode 89: How To Hire & Manage Your Rockstar Online Business Team

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Have you been in business for a few years and have gotten some traction, but you feel like you’re limited in what you can do as a one-person show?

In this episode we’ll be looking at the mindset shifts that will allow you to ask for help and hire your very own rockstar team! We share what you need to do once you’ve decided to hire, how to find the right people, ways to structure your business, and a lot more!

Episode 89: How To Hire & Manage Your Rockstar Online Business Team

In This Episode

  • Want help, but not sure where to get the money to hire? [8:40]
  • Our earliest experiences around asking for help [18:15]
  • What we have help with now [21:22]
  • The two things Kate should be focusing on in the business [29:42]
  • The system and steps we use to produce this podcast [37:12]
  • Mike’s recommendations for hiring [49:18] & questions to ask [56:19]
  • A big myth about employees [59:40]
  • What we do with people who work with us [62:37]
  • How to handle letting someone go [67:13]
  • The importance of transparency & compassion [69:52]
  • The Entrepreneur vs. Employee Mindset [74:00]

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Cheryl Richardson Carrie Montgomery Edwards Deming Marie Forleo

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