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Episode 87: Life with Two Kids: An update from Maternity/Paternity Leave

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Today we’re doing something we haven’t done in a while: A life update episode! Not only do we fill you in on the new arrival of baby Ruby to our family but we go deeper on how it has affected both of us, the way we’ve been able to keep the business running (and thriving!) while doing a lot less work, and much, much more.

Episode 87: Life with Two Kids: An update from Maternity/Paternity Leave

In This Episode

  • Kate’s thoughts on victim blaming [6:52]
  • More on Ruby’s arrival [11:46]
  • An update on Penelope [15:52]
  • Women’s role in creation [18:22]
  • What led to Mike’s recent breakdown [22:37]
  • How he’s now working on himself [26:02]
  • The latest on Kate’s book [31:46]
  • Why we can take time off of work – and not have the business suffer [35:27]
  • What Kate is reading [37:20]
  • Mike’s book recommendations – plus our favorite TV shows [38:36]

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People Mentioned

Glennon Doyle Melton Kelly Brogan Gina Nichole Kyle Gray

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  • Welcome back! Love the podcast, and how you keep it real and fresh.

    Enjoy the “baby-moon!”

  • I loved listening to both of you talk about your experiences as a growing family. And, hearing about Mike’s struggles to integrate everything…. thanks for being so vulnerable. As a doula, one of my favorite things is helping partners (who have all been dads so far) to be a part of the whole experience–because I know they often struggle, or are ignored, like you talked about. It makes me wonder…. as I create my online mama class for pregnant and new mamas, how to include the daddies and partners. Also… i am so struck again but the power of birth to open a portal to other things in our lives, and how our babies teach us, even from the beginning.
    I am mama to 5. My first was a super mellow boy, and our second was so sensitive in the months after she was born, and only wanted to be held by my and would scream like she was hurt when anyone, including my husband held her. He started calling her his nemesis and after he did one time I got really quiet and close to him and reminded him that she was not. They had stuff to work out… she looked JUST like his mama, and his relationship with her is strained. Oh those babies! Much love to your little family.

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