Episode 85: Derek Halpern: Transparency, Confrontation, and How to Grow an 8-Figure Business

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Today we have a different type of guest on the show, and we’re really excited to bring you this interview. Derek Halpern is the founder of Social Triggers and he’s an expert marketer and entrepreneur. As you’ll hear, not only is Derek smart and funny, he can also be pretty controversial.

Derek developed his effective marketing approaches with some wildly popular websites, one which attracted over a million page views in a single day. Social Triggers was originally created to help people build their online business through courses, but it’s now transitioned into being a software company. Derek shares his experiences with this transition and why he made this move, as well as revealing the details of his recent move into the personal consumer space with a product called Truvani, in which he has partnered with Vani Hari (aka The Food Babe). He also talks about why he recently started a daily vlog, how he manages to do this, and a whole lot more.

Derek really says what’s on his mind and telling the truth in a very straightforward way. He’s big on transparency, and we think you’ll find this conversation refreshing.

Episode 85: Derek Halpern: Transparency, Confrontation, and How to Grow an 8-Figure Business

In This Episode

  • The hilarious way Derek got started online [9:32]
  • His biggest regret when it comes to Social Triggers [14:14]
  • Why he’s no longer developing new online courses [16:52]
  • What makes Derek most excited [31:04]
  • The logistics of his new business [32:05]
  • His management style and thoughts about transparency online [41:24]
  • Derek’s greatest strength [53:46]
  • How to know it might be time to make a quit or make a change [57:59]

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