Episode 83: How To Ask for Help in Mothering & Business [Origin™ Sneak Peek]

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Hey there! This is Kate, and today I’m here with another sneak peek at what’s inside my membership community, Origin™. This week I’m sharing one of our most popular how-to lessons! This practical lesson is all about how to help you succeed in mothering and business, whatever success looks like for you.

We’re talking about how to ask for and receive help (I actually wrote a whole chapter on this topic in my upcoming book), and everything we discuss is both actionable and action-packed. I think you’re really going to like it.

Episode 83: How To Ask for Help in Mothering & Business [Origin™ Sneak Peek]

In This Episode

  • Why we really struggle to ask for help [2:27]
  • What happens when we don’t ask for help [4:20]
  • How my relationships have changed as I’ve shown vulnerability [8:07]
  • Ways to ask for help [9:37] and examples of when to do it [11:47]
  • Why you should be ready to accept help too [24:12]

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People Mentioned

Oprah Winfrey Brené Brown Steve Jobs Dr. Christiane Northrup Regena Thomashauer (Mama Gena)

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