Episode 81: Our Top 5 Tips for Working with Your Partner/Spouse

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Have you ever thought about working with your partner in business and aren’t sure what it would be like or what’s involved?

In this episode we’re sharing our top strategies for how we make it work in our business together. Working with a partner can be a journey with real challenges, but just know that it can also have so many benefits.

Episode 81: Our Top 5 Tips for Working with Your Partner/Spouse

In This Episode

  • Our journey of incorporating two businesses into one [8:07]
  • Kate’s thoughts on a speaking career [11:52]
  • The role of communication in a partnership [14:47]
  • What systems we use to stay connected with each other [16:46]
  • A framework for a different conversation [26:50]
  • Why you need to clearly define roles and responsibilities [27:27]
  • The reasons we shouldn’t coach or try to change how our partner works [31:20]
  • Being aware of the other person’s triggers [38:32]

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People Mentioned

Roy Scheider Marie Forleo Elizabeth Ryder David Coates Kelly Brogan Kris Carr Regena Thomashauer (Mama Gena)

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