Episode 8: How to Raise a Child and Run a Business at the Same Time

First of all, we have appreciated all the great feedback we’ve gotten from listeners – thank you! We’re really enjoying producing this podcast for you (and ourselves, too) and are happy with how things have been going so far.

Our good friend and talented writer Sarah Peck just had a baby boy, and she asked us what we had to relearn about running our business once we became parents, and that awesome question evolved into the subject of this week’s podcast.



In this Episode

So here’s what we’ll cover in this week’s episode:

  • Past judgments we’ve had regarding parents and their business goals – and how our feelings have changed
  • A new understanding of the dedication required to raise a child
  • The importance of setting boundaries, prioritizing, and simply saying “no”
  • Our thoughts on the power of slowing down and doing less
  • How being fully present in the moment is still a work-in-progress
  • The big lesson we learned about letting go of certain business tasks (and parenting tasks) to free up time and space
  • Our individual ways of feeling fulfilled as parents and business owners – and Kate’s way of dealing with “mother guilt”
  • Finding the right balance between multiple roles: spouse, business owner, parent
  • How multiple income streams, especially passive ones, are so important for us to achieve our freedom-based lifestyle
  • The concept of “filling each bucket individually” and how we do it
  • How it really does take a village to raise a child, our ways of implementing that concept, and how having more people in your child’s caregiving and social circles can provide important benefits for the whole family

Show Notes

  • Before becoming parents, we both use to question people’s commitment to their businesses [4:00]
  • As a mom, Kate’s boundaries are so much more solid [5:45]
  • Its possible, and necessary, to say “No” without guilt! [6:55]
  • Slowing down and being present is as valuable of a choice as speeding up and doing more [8:30]
  • There’s a need to create separation between work time and time with your child [11:05]
  • Just because your schedule is different, doesn’t mean it’s not the right thing to do [15:50]
  • What is “Mother Guilt”? [16:00]
  • Instead of studying marketing copy, we’re now going to parent events! [20:14]
  • To be successful in business as life partners, bring what’s bothering you to the surface [23:30]
  • We still have big goals, but our life is perfect just the way it is [27:55]
  • What’s a way you can make your child feel that the world is a fundamentally safe place? [32:30]
  • Did you know how social you are can affect your immune system? [34:15]

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