Episode 78: How We’re Making Space in Life & Business for Baby #2

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Lately, we’ve had a lot of people asking us how we’re preparing to welcome baby #2 into our lives, and specifically, how we are preparing our business for when this happens. Whether you are about to have your first baby, your second baby, or just preparing to take a certain amount of time off, this episode is for you!

In This Episode

How our culture treats new mothers [6:07]

What we’re doing differently this time around [9:45]

The ways you can tell you need more help – or have too much [18:07]

What Mike’s doing for his self-care [20:22]

Pictures of what motherhood and fatherhood “should” look like [23:30]

The business systems we established to prepare [31:52]

What the 80/20 rule in business looks like [39:32]

Why you really don’t have to suffer [45:12]

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Dr. Christiane Northrup Seth Godin

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