Episode 77: How (and Why) To Run a Membership Site

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Last week our friend and mentor Stu McLaren joined us on the podcast to share his expertise on membership sites. This week we are following up with an episode where we reveal our own experiences with our membership site Origin™ and how and why you should look at creating one, too.

Don’t forget to check out Stu’s free video series, The Recurring Revolution, at katenorthrup.com/tribe!

Episode 77: How (and Why) To Run a Membership Site

In This Episode

  • Why recurring revenue is so important to us [16:22]
  • The power of batching content [20:20]
  • What happens when you focus only on profits [27:18]
  • What to do first if you’re considering creating a membership site [29:02]
  • The advantages of being very specific with your niche [31:22]
  • How our membership operates [34:01]
  • Closed or open enrollment? [37:37]
  • Examples of what we use for content [38:52]
  • How to keep retention rates high [40:16]
  • What to use (and not use) when processing membership payments [41:20]

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People Mentioned

James Wedmore Danielle Rogers, Fitness Fusion Abbie Gross, Fuel the Habit Chris Guillebeau Sarah Peck Michael Hyatt Jonathan Budd Ryan Levesque Dr. Shefali Carrie-Anne Moss Danielle LaPorte Latham Thomas Gary Vaynerchuk Cesar The Dog Whisperer

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