Episode 76: The Recurring Revenue Revolution with Stu McLaren

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Today we’re joined by our friend Stu McLaren. Stu is someone we’ve mentioned MANY times on this podcast, and we’re thrilled to have him join us this week. Stu has helped us so much with our membership site, Origin™, and he’s known as the “go-to” guy when it comes to membership sites. Stu helps experts transform their knowledge and influence into recurring revenue by launching, growing, and scaling 7- and 8-figure businesses. Most importantly, he’s all about doing it in a way that makes a big impact – but with low stress!

In this episode, Stu reveals how he makes decisions, the big rules he follows for his life, and how he’s able to travel from his home in Canada to a warm place every winter with his family. You’ll see that Stu is a great example of somebody who loves spending time with his family and running his business in a way that is accessible to all of us! We also talk a lot about membership sites in this episode, why they should be a part of your business, and how to do them the right way.

Don’t forget to check out Stu’s free video series, The Recurring Revolution, at katenorthrup.com/tribe, which runs from March 15th to March 25th!

Episode 76: The Recurring Revenue Revolution with Stu McLaren

In This Episode

  • How Stu sets up his family’s annual trips south [9:36]
  • What happens when you communicate your boundaries often [17:51]
  • What his yearend review with his wife looks like [24:36]
  • Why a membership site? [27:17]
  • A better way to do a membership site [30:06]
  • The #1 reason members will leave [36:13]
  • Stu’s retention strategies [39:06]
  • Key things to consider with your onboarding experience [44:46]

Selected Links from the Episode

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Michael Hyatt’s, 5 Days to Your Best Year Ever

Teen Life Ministries Woman’s Living Magazine

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