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Episode 75: Terri Cole: Your Love Questions Answered!

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Today we’re joined by our good friend Terri Cole, and in this episode we’re talking all about relationships. Terri is a licensed psychotherapist, master coach, relationship expert, and founder of The Real Love Revolution & Boundary Bootcamp. For two decades, Terri has worked with some of the world’s most well-known personalities from international pop stars, athletes, and TV personalities to thought-leaders and Fortune 500 CEOs.

Terri has taught us so much about how to thrive in love and maintain boundaries, and in this episode she shares her expertise on relationship dynamics. Terri also gives her thoughts on how relationships are changing as a result of technological advances, as well as revealing the four questions to ask yourself when you feel triggered (and why you need to start doing this). We tell a hot-off-the-press story of a recent argument that we had and how we were both triggered, and Terri gives us some live marriage therapy.

She also shares the exciting details on her upcoming Raise Your Love Vibe 5-Day Challenge, which you can find out more about at Whether you are single, married, or partnered, there’s something for you in this episode!

In This Episode

  • How people are messing up in relationships! [3:58]
  • What to do if you’re on a different spiritual path than your partner [5:22]
  • Terri’s 3 questions (plus a bonus one) to ask for attracting the right person [16:23]
  • Should you stay or should you go? [26:53]
  • Her 5 pillars of real love [38:21]
  • How to raise your love vibe! [40:33]
  • The role that technology is playing in relationships [41:34]
  • Good relationships happen when….[44:20]
  • Her thoughts on #metoo, sexual harassment and more! [47:23]

Selected Links from the Episode

Terri’s Raise Your Love Vibe 5-Day Challenge (starts March 19th)

Her Website, Podcast and YouTube Channel 

Terri’s Program, Real Love Revolution

Kate’s Book, Money: A Love Story

The Tapping Solution (Documentary)

Connect with Kate, Mike & Terri on Instagram!

People Mentioned

Lewis Howes Barbra Streisand Harville Hendrix

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  • Kim Schlegel

    Great interview! I really appreciated this information and found it very valuable. I also wanted to thank you for so clearly incorporating links to your talking points. Have checked out some of Terri’s podcasts and info, and am off to watch ‘The Tapping Solution’ next. Thank you so much again! I enjoy your work, Kate and Mike!

  • I LOVE this and esp the last part about the Metoo. Ive had long talks with my teenager daughters about all this and I feel so strongly that I give them the tools to feel empowered and make decisions which are responsible and respectful to themselves and the guy they maybe dating.
    Great interview Kate and Mike, thank you. Terri Cole just rocks, the work Ive done with her has revolutionised my life. Now to revolutionise my work life…..B School through you…..!!

    • Kate Northrup

      I’m so glad you loved this interview as much as we loved doing it. Terri is a wise gem. Good for you for sharing the tools and insights with your daughter to act from an empowered place. That’s so huge. And I’m so happy to hear you’re doing B-School with us!

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