Episode 71: The 4 Key Ingredients of Any Successful Business

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We’ve been in business for 7 years now, and today we want to share all of the lessons we’ve learned about how to run a successful company.

On today’s episode, we give you the 4 key ingredients that will get you on the right track towards obtaining the results you seek for your business.

Episode 71: The 4 Key Ingredients of Any Successful Business

In This Episode

  • What “successful” means to us [9:52]
  • Are you solving a problem or meeting a specific need? [11:22]
  • Trying to be everything to everyone doesn’t work! [25:32]
  • Limit who you’re paying attention to [34:02]
  • The need to just be yourself [46:40]
  • There’s more to just making more $$$ ! [57:44]

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People Mentioned

Danielle LaPorte Marie Forleo Jadah Sellner Lewis Howes Gabby Bernstein Oprah Winfrey Gary Vaynerchuk Tim Ferriss James Wedmore Elizabeth Cronise McLaughlin

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  • Laura

    I love your podcasts. They are always so clear and make me feel incredibly grounded. BUT this one was like BOOM, I need to stop doing so much. AND I KNOW Kate, you are ALL OVER THE PLACE with this concept, but I don’t know why this one and today it hit me. Thank you for the insights and why not? The grammar class ;) Keep up this incredible work, Laura

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