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Episode 70: Owning Your Value & Creativity: Sara Agah Franti

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Even though we’ve just met Sara Agah Franti, we feel like we’ve known her forever! Sara is such a bright light in this world, and we can’t wait for you to hear from her on today’s episode. Sara is a former nurse who founded her own jewellery company, SaraLua. Along the way, Sara met and fell in love with her husband, musician Michael Franti, and you’ll hear all about what it’s been like for Sara to build her own identity, what her partnership with Michael is like, and the amazing work she does as the Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer for their non-profit organization, Do It For The Love.

We also chat about digital detoxes, the need for strong boundaries, what Sara thinks of systems and organization, plus a whole lot more on this episode of The Kate & Mike Show!

Episode 70: Owning Your Value & Creativity: Sara Agah Franti

In This Episode

  • Why Sara initially resisted her transition to being a public persona [10:28]
  • How her parents’ journey affected her [14:48]
  • The inspiration for her jewellery line [22:48]
  • The mantra that Sara & Michael live by [26:58]
  • What Do It For Love is all about! [34:19]
  • From nurse to full-time entrepreneur [43:38]
  • Traditions Sara & Michael are creating [48:13]
  • Why she loves systems so much [55:43]
  • Goals or themes? [59:28]
  • Sara’s desires moving forward [62:51]

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Hope For Steve

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Mike’s Website

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