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Episode 68: Gabrielle Bernstein: The Judgement Detox

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If you open up a magazine (or look anywhere these days!), today’s guest, Gabby Bernstein, will be lighting up the pages! We’re so excited to bring you this conversation with Gabby, author of the brand-new book, Judgment Detox (as well as multiple New York Times Best Sellers).

In this episode we cover: why Gabby really does what she does, how it’s been working with her husband, her take on judgment (that you probably haven’t heard like this before), trauma recovery, and a whole lot more.

Want to win a copy of Judgment Detox? We’re giving away copies to two lucky listeners, so tune into this episode and we’ll let you know how you can enter to win!

Gabrielle Bernstein: The Judgement Detox

In This Episode

  • The first step to take when it comes to judgment [6:05]
  • Why judgment is similar to any addiction [6:55]
  • Judging as a form of “numbing out” [9:20]
  • How The Universe brought Kate & Gabby together [13:25]
  • Gabby’s keys to success – and what to avoid [17:35]
  • Why she now considers herself a “new person” [19:21]
  • How working with her spouse has brought them closer [24:45]
  • What her “dream day” will be like [29:40]
  • The best decision Kate has ever made (besides marrying Mike) [32:39]
  • Are you a workaholic? Here’s how to start curing it [35:55]
  • The real reason Gabby writes and speaks to others [40:32]
  • How to handle judgment from others – her real life example [42:20]

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People Mentioned

Dr. Christiane Northrup Terri Cole Nick Ortner Marianne Williamson Lewis Howes Stu McLaren

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