Episode 63: A Do Less Holiday

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With the arrival of the holidays, we wanted to take this opportunity to share what a “Do Less Holiday” means for us. In this episode we reveal how we are intentionally creating a holiday season that is full of spirit and soul, and not one of overwhelm and stress.

In This Episode

  • Our Listener of the Week [2:12]
  • How Kate feels about travelling at this time [11:47]
  • Our year end review process & why we do it [12:52]
  • Why the holidays can really cause stress [16:57]
  • One way to make your life easier [20:22]
  • A challenge for you [26:07]
  • Strategies for “A Do Less Holiday” [28:51]
  • Is your gift giving out of control? [33:04]
  • An experience can be a gift too! [43:00]

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The Way of the Happy Woman by Sara Avant Stover

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The School of Womanly Arts

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People Mentioned

Darren Hardy Jim Rohn Gary Vaynerchuk Danielle LaPorte Matthew McConaughey

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