Episode 61: Chris Guillebeau: Side Hustle and Making Money Without Quitting Your Job

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We’re bringing you a super fun interview today with our friend Chris Guillebeau. Chris is the author of five books, including The Art of Non-Conformity, The $100 Startup, The Happiness of Pursuit, Born for This and his latest work, Side Hustle. Chris is also the host of the daily podcast, Side Hustle School (now with over 2 million downloads!) and the creator of World Domination Summit. In addition to these accomplishments, Chris also visited all 193 countries in the world before his 35th birthday!

In this episode we covered a lot, starting with the longest Chris has gone without showering (yes, we did ask that), where he gets his discipline, how you can form your own habits and what separates the action takers from the talkers. He also reveals the details of how he planned and executed his current 100-city book tour, his travel hacking tips, and a lot more.

To our next listener of the week we’ll be giving away a copy of Side Hustle. For your chance to win, all you have to do is head over to iTunes and leave us a review (make sure to put “Side Hustle” in the description). Good luck!

In This Episode

  • What a side hustle can do for you [8:50]
  • Some unique side hustles from guests of Chris’s podcast [10:25]
  • His dream life – and he’s living it [16:55]
  • Why Chris didn’t do a launch for his podcast [19:20]
  • How he decides what’s next [22:19]
  • The role that accountability plays [24:45]
  • The side hustles Chris has had [25:50]
  • The advice he’d give himself 15 years ago [28:27]
  • A time he took the “easy way out” [30:03]
  • The details of his current book tour [34:28]
  • Practical tips for people starting a side hustle! [43:20]

Selected Links from the Episode

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