Episode 6: Behind the Scenes of Our Most Successful Launch to Date

A couple of months ago we launched an online course called The Money Love Course, based on Kate’s book Money: A Love Story. Kate first created this course back in 2013, and we decided to re-launch it in response to all the feedback we’ve gotten asking us specifically for a course like this.

For our August 2016 launch we decided to present the course a little differently, breaking it into four modules and presenting them via live webinars. We also provided some incentive bonuses – a module called How to Talk to Your Honey About Money, as well as 4 live Office Hours sessions with Kate.

This new and improved Money Love Course was our most successful launch to date with over 700 people purchasing the course – yet it also managed to be our least stressful launch ever.



In this Episode

In this episode of the podcast we will tell you exactly what we did to achieve this, including:

  • How we used a free webinar to entice participants to the Money Love Course and how we chose the subject matter for the free webinar
  • What materials we created to promote the Money Love Course through Facebook Live, Instagram, Twitter, Kate’s weekly blog, and emails
  • The detailed timeline of our launch – from the first email sent on August 2nd inviting people to the free webinar to the completion of the course on August 19th
  • Why and how we revamped the 2013 Money Love Course for this new launch and the aha! moment that led to this decision
  • The nitty-gritty on how we used emails to draw customers to the course and the way we organized all of our email lists
  • Why we focused on live webinars before allowing the option to purchase the recorded course
  • The ways we reminded people about the course once they’d signed up (and why this was important)
  • The one new thing we tried that boosted our sales beyond our wildest expectations!

Selected Links from the Episode

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Show Notes

  • How we did things differently on this launch by doing what felt good to us [2:00]
  • For this launch Mike guided a team, instead of doing all the work related to the launch [3:28]
  • Webinars don’t have to be live, you can use recorded content effectively [4:02]
  • How the course was promoted, and why you need to remember time zones if you’re working with global customers like we do [4:15]
  • By reaching out and asking her Facebook group, Kate noticed trends that could be used for the webinars [6:07]
  • When naming a webinar, make sure it resonates with people! [6:52]
  • What is the purpose of a webinar onboarding sequence, and how do you do it? [7:51]
  • There are effective ways to segment your list to improve your launch results [10:00]
  • Follow-up, the right way, is necessary (people tend not to buy right way)! [13:35]
  • “Sales Boosters” can help convert people who won’t want to go on the webinar, but want to take the course [14:15]
  • Creating authentic scarcity with time boosted our sales significantly [17:38]
  • This launch was a great example of the path of least resistance [18:25]
  • Just because content isn’t brand new doesn’t mean it’s not relevant to someone’s life [19:05]


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  • Claudia

    Loved it! Just like all the other episodes! I would love to hear you talk about your book and how you launched it. I’m in the process of writing a book myself and have no idea how to start promoting it. I guess my question would be: based on your experience, what would you recommend to someone who is just starting and wants to do a book launch? Thanks!!

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