Episode 56: The Real Women of Origin™: A Peek Behind the Scenes

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Want to have more by doing less? You can! Today’s episode is an interview with 3 of our Origin™ Membership Empresses: Maia Young, Tamika Auwai, and Autumn Sanders.

In this episode we have a candid conversation about the experiences these women have had in the Origin™ community and how they’ve learned how to have more by doing less in life, business, and motherhood – the Origin™ way! Listen in and learn how you can, too!

In This Episode

  • Why each of these women chose to be part of Origin [9:50]
  • The content that has had the biggest impact on them [16:00]
  • How Tamika got permission to be where she was in life [16:50]
  • The ways Maia is embracing ease in her life [21:18]
  • The significant changes that has happened in their businesses [24:38]
  • Autumn’s big “A-HA” moment [29:40]
  • The effects of Origin on motherhood and relationships [33:00]
  • The importance of accepting help while navigating the cycles [35:45]
  • What will help heal this world [42:50]

Selected Links from the Episode

The Origin Collective Maia’s Website Tamika’s Website Autumn’s Website Magic Lessons Podcast with Elizabeth Gilbert Episode 51: To Share of Not to Share? The Line Between Private and Public in Business Mama Gena’s School of Womanly Arts

People Mentioned

Dr. Christiane Northrup Jennifer Racioppi Brené Brown Glennon Doyle Melton

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