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Episode 53: How To Do a Podcast: The Nitty Gritty from One Year Behind the Scenes of the Kate & Mike Show

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It’s our podcast-iversary! This week we’re celebrating the mark of one year of podcasting and in this episode we’re revealing what we’ve learned so far.

Everything needed for a successful podcast – technology and logistics involved in producing a show, the right way to pitch guests (and how not to!), ways to promote a podcast and so much more. You’ll also find out how you can have a chance to win a free copy of Kate’s book, Money: A Love Story!

In This Episode

  • Our podcasting set up and our wishlist for the future [7:02]
  • How we capture topics and decide what to record [19:52]
  • The right (and wrong way) to approach guests [23:12]
  • What live events can do for your network and business [24:41]
  • Kate’s #1 pet peeve when it comes to podcasting [36.42]
  • Monetizing your show – directly & indirectly [40:22]
  • How we promote the show and ways to gain traction [43:07]

Selected Links from the Episode

Kate’s, The Myth of Balance

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People Mentioned

Tim Ferriss Lance Armstrong Gary Vaynerchuk Danielle LaPorte Dr. Shefali Lewis Howes Brené Brown John Lee Dumas Chris Gillibeau Larry King Glennon Doyle

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  • Hello Kate & Mike!

    I’m totally digging this podcast episode and would love to leave a review, just because I think you should know how awesome you are :)

    “Kate and Mike have such a fun way of taking overwhelm out of everything. I was absolutely lost in my first year of business – not knowing where to go or who to turn to for advice. It helps to have people in your world who are dealing with the same struggles, and are somehow navigating the challenges with fun, humor, lots of good stories, and way less stress. Now that I’m more established and looking at next steps, I’m still tuning into the Kate & Mike show. I love how inclusive this podcast feels. It’s like having next door neighbors and business partners all rolled into one! I love the casual feel coupled with strategy and support. Keep on rocking it! You guys are doing great work, and I hugely appreciate it!”

    – Jenny

  • Congratulations on your 1 year Podcast anniversary! I’ve been listening consistently over the last year and always learn so much. Thank you!
    And thank you for talking about Rochelle’s wedding. I’ve been to some of her workshops and love her and all that she does. No surprise her wedding was SO magical! And her dress, WOW.
    One of my all time favorite episode was the one with your Mom. Love seeing your joy and laughter and love for each other. Keep on creating and sharing, you and Mike are appreciated!

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