Episode 52: 3 Surprising Reasons You Need Community to Thrive in Business and Life

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The best way to thrive in business and life? Community.

As we gear up for the doors opening back up for Origin™ today’s episode focuses on why community is one of your most important business assets! Listen in today!

In This Episode

  • Mike’s experience starting a business on his own [7:52]
  • The importance of attending live events [11:37]
  • Community as a way to gain different perspectives [17:07]
  • You can’t replace human interaction! [25:40]
  • What the people you surround yourself with does to your vibration [26:27]
  • The single biggest reason to be in a community [27:47]
  • Different ways you can build community [32:42]

Selected Links from the Episode

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Kevin Rose’s Zero Fasting App

Shape Soirée

The 4-Hour Workweek by Tim Ferriss

Archangel Summit The Mind Your Business Podcast

People Mentioned

Latham Thomas Elton John Danielle LaPorte Simon Sinek Dr. Shefali Lewis Howes Daymond John Ellen Langer Joe Polish Marie Forleo

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