Episode 51: To Share or Not to Share? The Line Between Private and Public in Business

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We live in a world where everyone can broadcast everything, everyday, to the world through social media. Have you ever stopped and wondered, “Have I shared too much?”

In this episode we explore the fine line of what’s private and what’s public and the ways we’ve navigated this muddy water through our own experiences and how we balance our privacy while running an online business.

In This Episode

  • The social media rules we set when Penelope was born [6:17]
  • Kate’s experiences as a child in the public eye [7:15]
  • Mike’s fear around posting images of his daughter [12:57]
  • Healing others by being a good father [14:32]
  • Don’t forget that your offline community can help too! [22:30]
  • The filter Kate uses when sharing [25:59]
  • Respecting our children’s boundaries [27:07]

Selected Links from the Episode

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