Episode 48: Breakdown to Breakthrough in Our Marriage and Business

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Over the last year we’ve experienced some struggles and challenges. The good news? Out of those moments we’ve had amazing lessons and profound realizations in love, life and business.

We can’t wait to give you a peek behind the scenes to it all!

In This Episode

  • Things just weren’t flowing [6:12]
  • What happens to a lot of men that become fathers [9:07]
  • Kate felt awful hearing this…[13:52]
  • What Mike had always seen as his role in life [19:08]
  • You can still produce things when life isn’t perfect [24:44]
  • Why Mike initially said “No” to therapy [27:52]
  • A part of Kate didn’t feel supported [34:54]
  • Feeling triggered? Walk away and look at it again [39:50]
  • Mike’s limiting belief [44:44]
  • For true power, we need to be aware of our unique gifts [46:32]
  • How having Licia onboard as President has benefited our business (and marriage) [48:17]
  • Mike’s vision for the company, and the point where he really felt he was back as a part of it [51:42]

Selected Links from the Episode

Project Life with Mike Watts Episode 34: Origin Explained Episode 25: Worth It: Amanda Steinberg on Women, Money, and Net Worth

People Mentioned

Linda Grigel (Fal River Health Center) Dr. Christiane Northrup Danielle LaPorte Danielle Veith David Coates, MFT Tony Robbins Gary Vaynerchuk Stu McLaren

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  • Thanks guys for sharing!! It is nice to hear not everyone is perfect :) And it’s helpful to hear how you dealt and the man and woman sides of marriage!

  • Natalie

    Thank you for sharing! Insightful!

  • Amarja

    This was GREAT. Listened to it all!!!! While sorting out my clothes. Love from Amsterdam. Going to the market and getting a margarita soooon

  • Kate, Mike, I just had a breakthrough in my personal development journey after listening to this and journaling. My limiting belief has been I need to fit in, and it’s coming from events that happened when I was in second grade.

    Thank you for sharing your hearts.

    I’m a bit behind on listening to the podcast. Promise I’ll catch up soon!

  • Loved hearing a man embracing his role as a husband and father and in her company! GO mike! So many women prob felt the same resentments staying home and all that is costs them. I’m launching my business too as a mother and wife now that my daughter is 4. I’m hoping and praying for my husbands support and not resenting me for the success that’s bound to follow. I’m wondering if my husband has similar triggers and that’s the source in addition to mine of our issues. Loved seeing you guys work this out amen both do your own personal work!! Love to you!

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