Episode 47: Hourglass: Time, Memory, Marriage with Dani Shapiro

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Today we have a beautiful interview with the incredible best-selling author, Dani Shapiro. She shares her insights on changing our perception and experience of time, how to navigate a child’s illness, and what marriage really is about.

We also talk a lot about the role of social media in the publishing world today, and the differences that exist in the literary and self-help worlds. Prepare to be uplifted and inspired!

In This Episode

  • Writing a book is like giving birth to your creation [6:00]
  • Why Dani says her book Hourglass needed care and protection – and why she was terrified it wouldn’t work [9:30]
  • The role time plays in her book [12:45]
  • The way we see ourselves versus how others see us [14:23]
  • How Dani got through her son’s illness [24:10]
  • What every really marriage needs [25:15]
  • She consciously built a village for her son [29:12]
  • Why her husband considers her latest book, “genius” [35:25]
  • How social media is changing the publishing game [42:15]
  • One big mistake people are making today [48:25]
  • Dani didn’t specifically write her books to help others – but they are [52:23]
  • Embrace your inner unicorn! [54:45]

Selected Links from the Episode

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Mr. Blue Sky by Electric Light Orchestra (Video)

Dani’s podcast appearance on Jonathan Fields’ Good Life Project

People Mentioned

Aiden Donnelley Rowley Kris Carr Wanda Sykes Gary Vaynerchuk

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