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Episode 44: How To Use Your Hormones As A Superpower with Alisa Vitti

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On today’s show, we’re going to take listeners on a walk through their hormonal realities. Alisa Vitti is a functional nutritionist and women’s hormone expert who is cracking the code and revolutionizing the way that women relate to their bodies (and how the body supports sexuality, productivity, creativity and so much more).

Not only does Alisa share her wisdom about women’s hormones and endocrine systems, but she also gives us interesting facts about men’s cycles that you won’t want to miss. We learned so much from this conversation with Alisa, and we’re sure you will too. We know we’ll have to have her back for a follow-up episode of the podcast – so stay tuned!

In This Episode

  • Alisa is unapologetically pro-period! [8:00]
  • The early experience that led her to do what she does now [9:20]
  • The age ranges when women are getting their first periods – and it may surprise you [12:45]
  • What the birth control pill was originally intended for, and what’s different now [15:45]
  • The essential role of micronutrients in the creation process [22:33]
  • The life-changing question Alisa asked herself after diagnosis a health issue [31:27]
  • How she realized the pill wasn’t for her after experimenting with it [34:35]
  • Why just trying to eat healthy foods in excess won’t work when it comes to endocrine dysfunction [36:50]
  • The reason Alisa decided not to become a gynecologist and eventually took the entrepreneurial route [40:15]
  • The concept of cycle syncing [44:55]
  • It may be common for your body to be experience PMS, but…[46:42
  • How Alisa opened up her creative floodgates [51:35]
  • Men are hormonal as well – what they need to know [54:41]
  • You are powerful because of, not in spite of, your hormones [65:51]

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