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Episode 42: Badass Sixth Grader Stands Up to Her School’s Dress Code and Ignites a National Movement

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Today we’re joined by the incredible mother-daughter team of Christina and Molly Neuner, who share their amazing story of courage and standing up for what you believe in.

This is a great example of how supporting your kids not only impacts them, but you as well as the parent, and how people can bring about change in the world from wherever they may be.

In This Episode

  • Molly’s initial thoughts as she was shamed in front of classmates [7:39]
  • Like it or not, we do judge others based on what they wear [14:47]
  • Why Christina took the stand that she did [20:12]
  • What the hashtag, #iamnotadistraction is all about [22:29]
  • Kate’s trick to stop crying when you really don’t want to [31:17]
  • The real problem with the Internet is… [35:14]
  • Why this story struck such a nerve worldwide [39:11]
  • Today’s kids are more “Badass”! [41:13]
  • Just having the conversation is so important [45:04]
  • The #1 thing Kate’s mom taught her growing up [49:52]
  • What a dress code should really look like [55:20]
  • A new sub-headline for this podcast [62:40]

Selected Links from the Episode

Articles about Molly on The Portland Press Herald, Cosmopolitan, Teen Vogue, Allure, Huffington Post & Yahoo News

Christina’s Website & Instagram

People Mentioned

Mark Zuckerberg Gary Vaynerchuk Carrie Montgomery

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1 comment

  • Janice

    There are so many points that could be commented on regarding this subject but I choose to focus on the first thing that hit me. I see the term “badass” used all over the internet these days like it is some glorious title. When I saw it used in your title, i decided to listen and even read some of the articles. Sure there are many positive elements to this story, many reactionary, many controversial and many questionable aspects. But I cringe to think that your support of Molly’s actions should be categorized as being “Badass”. If users of this term don’t stop using it, you are indeed going to create “badasses”. And how does calling women, let alone an 11 yr old, conscience, developing young girl “bad”, “ass”, or “badass” enhance her SELF-ESTEEM! Very respectfully asking for moratorium on the use of this term in reference to woman, I remain, puzzled about why anyone would want to use it.

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