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Episode 41: How We Went on a $40K Honeymoon for Only $10k: Playing the Points Game to Travel for Free (or Cheap)

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Today we’re discussing a totally different topic on the podcast – how you can play the points game with credit cards and travel points.

This is an area that Mike has special skills in and he not only shares how he’s used them to take our family on amazing trips (at a big discount!), but he also breaks down the steps you can take to do the same.

In This Episode

  • How Mike was able to let his obsession for luxury go [4:22]
  • When airline rates are the lowest (and highest) [9:14]
  • A useful strategy Mike uses when booking hotels [16:37]
  • Why having a game plan for travel is needed [16:52]
  • Are you clear on your current financial picture? [18:07]
  • Different types of points available and how you can earn them [22:27]
  • The systems that Mike uses to stay organized [29:17]
  • Keep learning – and get a little better each day [34:21]
  • His recommendations on where to start [41:50]

Selected Links from the Episode

The Points Guy The Travel Hacking Cartel

Kate’s book, Money: A Love Story and The Money Love Course

Email Mike here for card referrals (or any questions!)

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