Episode 4: How to Cut Through the Noise of the Internet and Pick Who to Follow

Have you ever had trouble figuring out who to follow, with so much happening in today’s world? In this episode, we discuss the thought leaders that have influenced us personally, as well as sharing the criteria we use when deciding who to follow!



Selected Links from the Episode

The Mind Your Business Podcast, with James Wedmore & Phoebe Mroczek


Show Notes

  • The online influencer who really introduced Kate to the idea of blogging [1:18]
  • The best two teachers that Kate has ever met [4:25]
  • Mike’s criteria for following and unfollowing people online
  • The thought leader that Mike didn’t resonate with at an in-person event [5:15]
  • Meeting this person upped Mike’s game [6:20]
  • Why Kate looks at the life a person has when decided if she will follow [8:14]
  • The importance of filtering content and recognizing how you feel when listening to someone [9:48]
  • If something like a book or podcast doesn’t grab you – it’s ok not to finish it! [11:30]


People Mentioned

Danielle LaPorte
Marie Forleo
Kris Carr
Glennon Doyle Melton
Brené Brown
Elizabeth Gilbert
James Wedmore
Tim Ferriss
Seth Godin
Casey Neistat
Gary Vaynerchuk
Tony Robbins
Amy Porterfield
John Maxwell
Jonathan Budd

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