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Episode 38: Origin Launch Recap: Things We Would Do Again & Things We Would Change

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If you’ve been listening to the show you’d know we just wrapped up the launch of Origin, our monthly membership site. Today, we’re sharing our thoughts on the launch now that it’s over, and why we’re so excited to be offering this to women worldwide. Plus, you’ll also get an update and behind-the-scenes look at a big development in our own personal lives – it’s all in this episode of The Kate & Mike Show!

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In this Episode

  • Why there’s no such thing as “wasted time” [7:38]
  • The desire for face-to-face communication [15:33]
  • Kate’s post-launch feelings [16:52]
  • After expansion, there’s always contraction [18:27]
  • There’s a level of professionalism missing in the online space because of this…[19:37]
  • Creating a brand that has staying power [24:15]
  • How deadlines serve everyone when launching a product [26:02]
  • What’s so freeing about running the membership site [35:42]
  • In the shift to the Information Age, community is needed [38:22]
  • Why is it so hard to stop and just chill? [39:27]
  • A shout-out to a listener of the show! [46:02]

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People Mentioned

Dyana Valentine Stu McLaren Michael & Julia Nickles

Danielle LaPorte Seth Godin Mark Zuckerberg

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