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Episode 36: How You Do It Is What You Get: Easeful Launching and How To Get In the Flow

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Today we’re looking at how the energy and intention you infuse into your action steps will lead you to great results. This episode is really the counterpoint to the popular phrase, “the ends justify the means.” We totally disagree with this statement, and we’re going to share how what we teach in our current membership program, Origin™, is the foundation for the launch itself.

In this Episode

  • The need to get specific with your marketing [8:30]
  • The basis for Origin™, along with the four phases [9:21]
  • Why putting something out all of the time doesn’t work for entrepreneurs [12:14]
  • The fertile void will take as long as it takes [14:22]
  • Honor the different phases you are in [20:07]
  • The moment that changed the future direction of the business [26:30]
  • Men cycle through life as well and everyone is affected by the seasons [28:19]
  • Kate’s summary of the entrepreneurial spirit [34:06]
  • Documenting is creation (35:33]
  • What separates those who are struggling with those who are thriving [39:09]
  • Sometimes others will see what you need before you do [45:42]
  • Why Origin™ is set up as a membership [49:20]

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People Mentioned

Danielle LaPorte LiYana Silver Marie Forleo Stu McLaren Alisa Vitti Chris Guillebeau Kelly Kostecki Sarah Tangredi Gary Vaynerchuk Tony Robbins

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