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Episode 35: Behind the Scenes of Origin: Meet Our Beta Members

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On today’s episode, we’re speaking with three amazing guests who are members of our beta group for Origin. Nicholle Reisdorff, Abigail Lo and Korynn Elliott share more about their own unique backgrounds and stories, as well as their personal experiences as Origin charter members.

In this Episode

  • Why Mike now calls Penelope “Queen P” [4:52]
  • How and why the beta group was formed [5:50]
  • The guests’ reactions to being invited to take part [8:46]
  • When launching, you don’t have to always have it all figured out [10:15]
  • Nicholle’s journey after selling her retail business to get true freedom [10:47]
  • The four phases in Origin explained [12:56]
  • There’s always something brewing in the entrepreneur’s mind [18:14]
  • Resistance can be a funny thing and appear as something else [18:51]
  • Abigail knew she just couldn’t be a stay-at-home mom [20:26]
  • Korynn’s thoughts on the need for community [28:49]
  • Benefits to tracking your cycle [34:19]
  • The struggle of choosing between motherhood and entrepreneurship (and why you don’t have to) [40:50]
  • The need for dialogue between partners [46:10]

Selected Links from the Episode

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Robert Kiyosaki Stu McLaren Alisa Vitti

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