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Episode 34: Origin Explained

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Today’s episode is an exciting one, as you’re invited to a behind-the-scenes look at Kate’s new product, Origin. How did it come about, what does it offer and why did we choose the format we did? It’s all here today on The Kate & Mike Show!


In this Episode

  • Kate knew that her real life’s work was going to be something other than talking about money [8:32]
  • Embrace what you create – and get it out to more people! [13:25]
  • Everything happens the way it should happen [14:22]
  • The benefits a membership site offers [17:12]
  • There are ways to maximize your cycle or the lunar cycle [19:07]
  • We’ve all been taught that the only way to succeed is just put in more hours – and it’s wrong! (21:07)
  • How Origin is for mom entrepreneurs, or nurturers [23:10]
  • How being really specific with your niche can actually be more freeing [24:40]
  • Why members of Origin are referred to as “Empresses” [32:22]
  • Feminism has come a long way, but there’s still a long way to go [36:20]
  • If women can birth human beings, what else can we create? [38:17]

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People Mentioned

Suze Orman Stu McLaren Chris Guillebeau James Wedmore Alisa Vitti Jennifer Racioppi Dr. Christiane Northrup Carrie-Anne Moss Cheryl Richardson Danielle LaPorte

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