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Episode 30: How to Get It All Done: Our Best Productivity and Time Management Tips

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Recently we were asked how we are able to complete everything that needs to be done on a daily basis. The truth is, doing this just isn’t possible – no matter who you are. In this episode we look at how you can embrace the fact that you can’t always do it all, but this shouldn’t stop you from living your best life possible.


In this Episode

  • Thoughts on homeschooling for kids [10:52]
  • Kate’s mantra around getting everything done [12:23]
  • The strategies Kate uses when organizing her week [14:32
  • The cleaner your diet is, the less you snore! [16:27]
  • Each phase of a woman’s cycle will have different gifts and opportunities [18:01]
  • A way to increase the chances of getting your emails opened by others [21:52]
  • Why college wasn’t the best time for either Mike or Kate  [23:49]
  • Outsourcing can be cheaper than you actually think! [26:42]
  • Stopping drinking was one of Mike’s best decisions in life [34:37]
  • New dads can feel lost with the process of fatherhood [37:47]
  • Happiness doesn’t necessarily come from achievement [42:29]
  • Why Mike just looks at the one or two things that need to get done that day [46:57]
  • Playing the comparison game can by dangerous, especially if your situations are completely different [50:02]

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People Mentioned

Danielle LaPorte Kris Carr Steve Jobs Gary Vaynerchuck Tony Robbins Darren Hardy Marie Forleo Gabby Bernstein Tim Ferriss Oprah Winfrey Louise Hay Dave Thomas


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