Episode 3: How We Run Our Business: An Insider’s, Behind the Scenes Tour

On today’s show, we share a number of the tools and systems that we use on a daily basis in our business, and explore how it’s possible to actually work less hours, but make more money and have a greater impact.



Selected Links from the Episode

Go To Meeting
Audiobook Creation Exchange (ACX)
Essentialism by Greg McKeown
Money: A Love Story


Show Notes

  • Working less doesn’t automatically mean making less [7:10]
  • Figure out the things you aren’t excited to do – and get rid of them ASAP [10:25]
  • Doing this will limit our flow of abundance [14:07]
  • How to reverse engineer a process [21:45]
  • If you’re working on five things at once, you won’t finish any of them [23:30]
  • A powerful sub-culture of “do less” is forming [28:55]
  • What are the three most essential tasks that you need to focus on to move your business forward? [30:50]


People Mentioned

Briana and Peter Borten
Danielle LaPorte

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  • Renee Morin


    These podcast are the best thing I have listened to in a long time. Lately we have been going through an extremely difficult with our business and relationship. Thank you for the wonderful reminder how things don’t always go your way but in the end tend to work out. My husband and I have been married for 27 years (we met in high school when I was 16 years old!) and we have the same type of relationship that you and Mike have, best friends. I cannot image my life without my husband we were blessed with a daughter that will turn 16 this month and although times are really tight right now I know our relationship will sustain us through this difficult time. I want to give you a heartfelt thank you for this wonderful reminder.

    • Kate Northrup

      Hi Renee – I’m so glad that the podcast resonates with you. Isn’t it amazing to be in business with your husband and best friend? And so hard too? It’s not for the faint of heart, eh? Blessings to you and your man and your daughter!

  • Wayne

    I just finished reading a book you may find interesting Investing with purpose by Mark Aardsma . The books sub title is Capitalize on the time and money you have to create the tomorrow you desire.

  • Kate, the mom you mention who stopped you and thanked you for being a role model…I’m going to echo what she said. Thank you for sharing how you structure your life and business, it DOES provide many of us with a great model of how to structure a life that honors both family and your vocation (calling a job or business doesn’t provide the appropriate heft). So often in society it is presented as either/or. Either work or stay home with kids and there is no middle ground (agh-too black and white!). As a fellow new mom (we adopted toddler twins last year) I’m navigating these waters as well. So thank you, and I’m loving these podcasts!

  • Bella Sarah

    This was great. Your podcast and AoC’s are my favourite, they also have an interview with Greg McKeown, which helped me a lot.

  • Kate & Mike, thank you for sharing your structure and strategies. I am gaining so much knowledge and insight, and I finally see that I don’t have to do everything myself. This episode really showed me why I should outsource certain things, and how I can do that. I am inspired. Thank you for everything! I hope there are many more episodes to come.

    • Kate Northrup

      So glad it’s useful Michelle – we’ll talk more about outsourcing over the coming months. Look for a new episode every Tuesday!

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