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Episode 29: How Doing Less Can Get You Better Results: Our First Quarter Review and Learnings

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The first quarter of 2017 was a big one for us, both for our business and our personal lives. On today’s show, we share a recap with you about the projects we created, what’s been completed so far and what you can expect from us going forward, as well as our biggest takeaways.


In this Episode

  • So often we go through life without pausing and looking at what we’ve created [1:46]
  • Being busy doesn’t mean being productive [2:10]
  • The new filter Kate applies in her life [5:44]
  • Mike gives an update on his podcast [10:02]
  • You need to continually invest in your business! [16:07]
  • What’s the worst-case scenario? [19:22]
  • Always consider your customer’s experience [20:47]
  • “Evergreen” content – explained [21:42]
  • A way to get your videos shared more…[28:02]
  • The differences between traveling with, and without kids [29:52]
  • Mike’s experiences in Cross Fit competition [35:32]
  • There’s a power to syncing up your cycle and your life [39:52]
  • What’s kept Kate playing smaller than she should have in the past? [41:52]
  • Build in time to recharge (don’t wait until you’re already depleted) [45:24]
  • How Mike discovered that he needed to take responsibility for himself [49:52]
  • The revelation he had about his role in the family and business [51:49]

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Wee Rascals

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People Mentioned

Danielle LaPorte Dr. Shefali Carrie-Anne Moss Dr. Deb Kern Sarah Jenks Meggan Watterson Stu McLaren Terri Cole Dr. Christiane Northrup Barbara Stanny Jonathan Budd Lisa Fraley Gary Vaynerchuk Neil Strauss 

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