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Episode 28: Raising Mike Watts: An Interview With Bill and Michele

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Today’s episode is extra special as we welcome Mike’s parents, Bill and Michele Watts, to the podcast. Having this discussion is something Mike has always wanted to do, and in it we discuss how his parents themselves were raised, the approach they took to parenting Mike and his siblings (the good and the bad times), and what it’s like for them to be grandparents now. They share their thoughts on their own careers, retirement, death and a whole lot more in this one.

The main reason we wanted to do this podcast with the Watts is to gain perspective now, because you never know what the future will hold. We also hope it encourages you to have similar discussions with your own loved ones before it’s too late.


In this Episode

  • From the moment he saw her, it was love at first sight for Bill! [9:54]
  • You can succeed in something you don’t know anything about [19:50]
  • Michele never felt deprived growing up with two parents that loved them all [25:41]
  • The great lesson her dad taught her about being content [27:10]
  • For Bill, college accelerated his knowledge that there was more in life [35:45]
  • The number one thing Kate feels is the main source of success in their business [38:25]
  • The differences between Mike and his siblings [39:51]
  • Mike always had the “gift of gab” and a sense of adventure! [43:15]
  • The true definition of an introvert [46:00]
  • Bill and Michele’s thoughts on the challenging times raising Mike [50:10]
  • What they would have done differently now in terms of parenting [52:00]
  • Mike’s sense of completion is one of the great things about his personality [59:08]
  • Children can’t realize the love of their parents until they are parents themselves [1:03:38]
  • Bill on his role as provider for the family and the sacrifices made [1:07:50]
  • From a biological standpoint, children will always have more of a bond with their mother [1:12:05]
  • Bill’s major health transformation (what triggered it, and how he did it) [1:13:30]
  • The difficult transition to retirement [1:23:30]
  • It’s not the decision that matters, it’s how you approach that decision [1:32:48]
  • Advice for new parents [1:37:00]
  • Mike’s cry for help growing up was him blocking reality in a way [1:42:45]
  • Raising Mike was a Joy – there’s an unconditional love for a child (no matter what) [1:45:50]
  • Why being a grandparent is so great [1:47:00]
  • Did Mike always have an entrepreneurial spirit? [1:48:58
  • Make a life and not just a living! [1:53:45]

Selected Links from the Episode

Project Life with Mike Watts

People Mentioned

Mr. Rogers Arnold Palmer Robert Atkins Dr. David Perlmutter


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