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Episode 24: You have 4 Minutes to Change Your Life: Rebekah Borucki on Meditation, Sex Magic, and Parenting Like a Badass

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Today we’re talking with our friend Rebekah Borucki. Bex is an online wellness celebrity whose YouTube channel has over 25 million views! She’s actually been online since the late 90’s as a blogger and she is a true pioneer in this space. In this episode Bex opens up about her own experiences growing up, death and dying, new moon sex rituals and so much more. She also shows you how to keep your sanity as a mother and how to meditate (especially when you don’t really like to)! As well, Bex gives us the inside scoop about her brand new book that will have you looking at how you live, titled You Have 4 Minutes to Change Your Life.


In this Episode

  • She does a lot of allowing, just taking things as they come one step at a time [3:29]
  • The difference between meditation and prayer [7:34]
  • Showing up for things when you’re not feeling great can be disastrous [18:11]
  • How Bex had everything stacked against her, but didn’t let it stop what she’s accomplished [20:31]
  • What works for someone when parenting might not work for you! [26:49]
  • She was desperate to succeed because she admits she’s “unemployable” [35:02]
  • The spirit of trying to add value to the world has come back to Bex – many times over! [41:19]
  • The celebrities that showed her how to really treat people [43:03]
  • How Bex processed her past so it wouldn’t hold her back. Has the relationship with her family been healed? [45:54]
  • You don’t have to be fixed in order to move forward and create awesome things! [52:54]
  • When the time comes, she just hopes her funeral is a celebration of all the things she loves (and includes a life-sized unicorn) [53:59]


Selected Links from the Episode

Bex Website Blog

Her new book, You Have 4 Minutes to Change Your Life (with bonuses!)

YouTube Channel
Bex’s Workout Playlist New Moon Sex Ritual & Abundance Manifestation

Be Here Now by Ram Dass


People Mentioned

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