Episode 23: Morning Routines: Do They Matter?

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In today’s entrepreneurial space, everybody seems to be so obsessed with morning routines! On today’s episode, we share our own personal morning routines and what would be our ideal way to start each day. Are routines even necessary though for success in life and business? Find out what we think, and let us know your thoughts on this subject!


In this Episode

  • What can happen when you log on to social media first thing in the morning? [6:20]
  • Mornings can be “chaos management” (even with just one kid)! [12:10]
  • It’s challenging to find, but Mike’s morning time to himself is valuable [16:10]
  • Phones are best kept out of the bedroom…[18:20]
  • Mike’s ideal morning is_________ [21:08]
  • The 80/20 rule and how it applies to productivity [27:45]
  • Kate’s ideal morning is_________ [29:09]
  • How making your bed is a form of self-care [30:10]
  • There are intentions you can make to both start and end your day [33:10]
  • Stop beating yourself up and being so critical! [34:40]
  • An evening routine doesn’t make Kate feel trapped like a morning one does [36:00]
  • To figure out what works for you, do this! [41:14]
  • The importance of finding your purpose for doing (or not doing) a routine [45:25]


Selected Links from the Episode

The Do Less Experiment

Kate’s Create Space Guide

Charmane Andrews Skillen Edgar (social media manager)

The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron

Writing the Mind Alive by Linda Trichter Metcalf and Tobin Simon

Tools of Titans by Tim Ferriss

The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod

Wim Hof Method

The Fire Starter Sessions by Danielle LaPorte

Scrappy Little Nobody by Anna Kendrick

Cloudport Maine (co-working spaces)


People Mentioned

Kris Carr Darren Hardy Neil Strauss Tim Ferriss
Tony Robbins Matt Kahn

Sarah Jenks

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  • I love your discussion about morning routines, and that it’s okay to not have one, to follow what feels good and what works. I’ll chime in as someone who likes having a morning routine — it feels good and starts my day feeling clear and energized. Typical components of my routine are a cup of hot black tea, maybe reading a book, and then some yoga. Other options are meditation, drawing oracle cards, and setting my priorities for the day. During my 3-month hike of the Arizona Trail last spring, morning and evening routines were very important for my well-being, recovery and efficiency. Routines have an element of simplicity, which I find valuable. Reducing decisions and options can be useful, not only on a wilderness trek, but in our modern (sometimes chaotic) lives as well. I love your podcast, Kate and Mike!

  • Grace C

    Just wanted to drop a note to say I love listening to your’s and Mike’s podcast. i listen to them while I am driving and there are days, I am actually laughing out loud (episode with your mom especially!!) and I’m sure the car beside me thinks I’m nuts! Love the topics – from business to family!

    I don’t know where else to send this question … you’ve both mentioned P’s eczema many times (and NO I am not giving any advice). I am in my mid-30’s and still suffering from it and I have hear you mentioned the treatment plan P is on – I keep missing it while driving. Can you email it to me? I’d love to learn more and see if I have someone with that practice in my area.

  • Hey guys! I’m 36, a wife, a SAH mom of two young boys (5 & 2) and I’m (attempting to) homeschooling my Kindergartener.
    Currently, when the hubster gets home from work, I head off to work a few nights a week(teaching Ballroom and Latin dance as well as a restaurant server).
    Needless to say, the nights after work I’m exhausted. Our “routine” might look like;
    5 Year Old wakes up before myself and the two-year-old, After he gets dressed, makes his bed and brushes his teeth, he is allowed to get on the iPad and watches PBS Kids shows. Then when me and the little one wake up I let them watch together well I prepare breakfast. I scarf down my food as quick as I can so that I can do a couple other things that are necessary while the kids are eating and feeling satisfied. That I might change the two-year-old diaper and put some clothes on him for the day. Then, I might hop in for a quick shower while they play together. Typically the two your old comes back into the bathroom (multiple times) crying because his brother has done something that is upset him. He’s at a stage in life where his feelings are very big! After I’m dressed and (somewhat) ready for the day, I get the Kindergarten going with a workbook practicing spelling or telling time etc, then its play time/craft time or get out of the house time…then the afternoon is what ever else I might need to do, run errands etc. If the morning was insane and over the top needy toddler, my hubby will fill in the homeschool gabs at night that just didn’t happen. Viola! You guys, when I have a rough day and need to feel grace towards myself, I love listening to you. Real talk all the way with you two 👊🏻❤️

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