Episode 22: Marie Forleo: Growing an Online Empire, B-School, and Douche Chills

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Today we’re talking with our friend, Marie Forleo, a pioneer in the life coaching industry who’s built a multiple 8-figure empire and teaches others how to create their own sustainable online businesses. She’s absolutely brilliant at what she does and so much of what we do in our business is because of what we’ve learned from Marie. We cover so much in this one; Marie shares about her own journey, gives valuable advice for current (or soon-to-be) entrepreneurs, and even talks about what she wants her own funeral to be like. Yes, you read that right – you’re really going to enjoy getting to know Marie in this episode!

In this Episode

  • With such a diverse background and success in multiple industries and niches, how does Marie describe what she does to others? [0:59]
  • The importance of staying super-focused on your vision [8:00]
  • If an opportunity isn’t a “HELL YES!” to her, it’s a “HELL NO!”
  • Do we ever truly learn a lesson from our mistakes? [14:52]
  • Marie admits she’s a “control freak,” and it’s a work in progress, but she didn’t want anyone else telling her what she needed to do [17:40]
  • She knows who her people are, and what she wants to say [21:51]
  • Her tips for getting the right people on your team, and in the right places [26:45]
  • When becoming a boss, you just need to learn by fire sometimes and throw yourself in! [32:00]
  • An empowering framework to make outsourcing possible, regardless of your budget [34:30]
  • Marie talks about her current role in her company [35:45]
  • Starting a business? Don’t just do it for the money. Make sure your desire aligns with your calling, and you express it! [40:30]
  • The biggest mistakes Marie sees people make in starting a business are….[44:30]
  • For Marie, the biggest thing she can do is to continue to use her platform to activate others [52:05]
  • She has money set aside for her funeral and the hip hop song she wants to be played at this party! [54:30]

Selected Links from the Episode

Marie’s Website B-School Twitter Facebook Instagram The Do Less Experiment Pencils of Promise SOMA Group Charity: Water The Compassion Collective


People Mentioned

David Deangelo Eben Pagan

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  • Bev

    Love your podcasts!
    Have you tried Baby Sign language with your daughter? It provides some kids with communication skills before they are verbal.

  • Thank you for having Marie on! I love watching her videos because she has such fun and inspiring energy. She is so real and you all had great chemistry and made me smile in my car.
    I totally agree about the slow growth with your passion than trying to make millions in a short time. I also started my coaching practice in 2010 and I am seeing the hard-work and purpose pay off now with my work with young women with anxiety. I love seeing the freedom and difference my business is creating. I am inspired by my clients and am so happy I didn’t give up also! Thanks for your fun episodes. xoxo

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