Episode 21: Beautiful Money: Leanne Jacobs on Listening to Your Intuition and Creating True Wealth

Today we share an interview with our friend Leanne Jacobs, who’s the author of Beautiful Money: The 4-Week Total Wealth Makeover. Leanne is brilliant at uplifting and empowering others to step into their greatness (and she’s also one of the most wise and humble women we know)! In this episode, she shares about her personal journey and how she operates her life now, as well as why life is so much more than just the accumulation of more money!

In this Episode

  • The people we surround ourselves with are very much a reflection of who we are [4:10]
  • Leanne overcame her lack of confidence by using courage, and she wasn’t afraid to fail [5:12]
  • Her biggest lessons revolve around what she’s learned about these four words …[8:45]
  • It’s easy to lower your vibe, play small and get stuck there for years [10:15]
  • Her path has been all about shedding the untruth [15:00]
  • Leanne’s experience in the corporate world left her wondering, “Is this it?” [18:05]
  • This book summarized how she was feeling and opened up the spiritual world to her [24:00]
  • We need more kindness (and less ego and agendas) in the world! [26:30]
  • Are you prioritizing looking pretty over being happy and free [26:45]
  • Why Leanne never makes choices based on just the money [36:25]
  • This year is all about community, connection and simplicity for her (and no more multi-tasking) [42:50]
  • Leanne and her husband really are open and flexible at all times for guidance [45:42]

Selected Links from the Episode

Leanne’s Website

Kate’s Create Space Guide

The Seat of the Soul by Gary Zukav

Simplicity Parenting by Kim John Payne

People Mentioned

Byron Katie Jim Rohn Wayne Dyer Dr. Shefali

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