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Episode 193: Healing Racial Trauma with Milagros Phillips

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If you’re new here, there’s something you need to know about me and this space: I’m obsessed with the body and I talk about it a lot.

I love to learn about how our bodies work and how they relate literally and metaphorically to everything, specifically our emotional lives and productivity.

If you’ve been around for a while, you already knew that.

So many important conversations are missing a MAJORLY important piece of the puzzle:

We all live in bodies, and they impact everything in our entire lives.

One important conversation that often completely skips the topic of bodies (ironically, because it’s inherently about the mistreatment of bodies) is the conversation about racism.

When I heard the woman I’m about to introduce speak for the first time, my body felt different than it had ever felt before during conversations about race.

My body knew the potential for healing immediately because she was one of the first people I’d ever heard talk about race and racism in the context of how it impacts our bodies and why healing racial trauma needs to start with the body, not exclusively our minds.

As a facilitator, author, and speaker, Milagros Phillips has been doing racial healing work for over two decades.

When she came to speak in Origin last month, I got several messages from members after to the affect of:

I’m in a puddle on the floor integrating the beauty that just transpired at the hands of Milagros. WOW.

Several members asked if she was taking applications for niece adoptions because we all want her to be our auntie.

Her work is powerful. Her heart is huge. She’s hilarious. And brilliant.

If you’re ready to heal racial trauma in your body, be it black, white, or brown, so that you can affect healing in the world, this conversation is for you.

Listening to Milagros will change you in the most beautiful way.

I can’t wait to hear how this one moves you (and your body).

Healing Racial Trauma with Milagros Phillips

In This Episode

  • Where people are falling short with their work on racial issues [2:43]
  • Why we need to deal with our emotions – plus the group of people she’s most concerned about [4:50]
  • An example of how suppressed oppression shows up in everyone [10:30]
  • How our bodies allow us to express frequencies [15:20]
  • The ways that ancestral trauma appears in people in 2020 [22:53]
  • What we can do together to collectively start to heal [31:56]
  • Why we need to look at the past and the questions to ask ourselves right now [34:31]
  • Feeling shame is ok, but here’s what we can’t afford to do [37:40]
  • How Milagros feels about the current protests and what she sees as their role in trauma healing and social change [38:41]
  • Why anti-racism work is the job for white people to do – and the steps they can take to begin the healing [44:38]

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Dr. Elizabeth Cohen Regina Thomashauer Eckhart Tolle

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