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Episode 192: How to Mid-Year Plan and Why It’s Essential That You Do

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We’ve just crossed the threshold into the second half of the year.

Every time I look at this wall we have in our basement of 12 really big monthly planners with a beautiful plan we made for 2020 back before we knew what 2020 was going to be, I chuckle.

None of us could have planned for this year, I think that’s clear.

This year has been particularly humbling for a planning nerd like myself (who also sells a planner).

But it hasn’t made me abandon my planning practices (not all of them, anyway).

In fact, I’m leaning hard on the ones that are bringing me peace and solace…and ensuring that I can still pay our team, pay our mortgage, and show up for the places I feel called to effect change.

One of these planning practices is a mid-year regroup and planning session.

You may be tempted to curl up in a ball under your dining room table and wait for this year to pass at this point, but, if you’re game, I’d love to invite you to join me in a simple exercise that will bring you more joy and results than acting as though this year is cancelled.

(It is not, BTW. We have 5 months and 10 days left to infuse with our presence.)

This week on The Kate & Mike Show, we’re walking through how to do a mid-year regroup and planning session so that you can really be here for all that life has on offer for you for the rest of the year.

I give you the exact steps, and we’re even taking you behind the scenes to share what we’re gleaning from the last 6 months and how we’re integrating these lessons and infusing our dreams and goals for the next 6 months with them.

Listen in for a powerful regroup and planning process.

Can’t wait to hear what you think!

How to Mid-Year Plan and Why It's Essential That You Do

In This Episode

  • Why the Do Less Planner is ideal for this point in time [4:20]
  • How Mike is feeling about the second half of 2020 [7:30]
  • The reason why we should be focusing on ourselves first in order to shift the current culture and systems that exists [10:07]
  • How our 2020 plans have “shape shifted” [11:20]
  • The very first question to ask yourself to start determining the new possibilities for your life [18:36]
  • What themes emerged for both of us this season [23:20]
  • Our qualitative and quantitative accomplishments from this time [28:20]
  • What we have learned and are giving the most gratitude for [32:40]
  • Our goals for the next season [41:45]
  • Something to keep in mind when asking for help from others [49:18]
  • What will be the biggest culprit of not hitting your goals [50:42]
  • How to pay yourself first – with your time [54:35]

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