Episode 186: 5 Ways to Make Running Your Business Easier (and Even Improve Your Results)

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When the final numbers came in at the end of April, both Mike and I were in awe.

Despite working half the amount, having no childcare, not being able to follow through on any of our growth plans, some of our customers having financial difficulty and needing to extend payment plans, and feeling uncertain about the future of our planet and humanity, April was an above-average revenue month.

And May is shaping up to be the same.

I’m not telling you this to brag. I’m telling you this because I still remain in awe that this whole “do less, achieve more” thing actually works.

These past months have been reminiscent of our first year as parents from the standpoint of contraction.

It was the pressure of sleepless nights, caring for a sick baby, riding the ups and downs of postpartum anxiety and insomnia, and a total shift in identity that birthed the “Do Less Method” in the first place.

And now we’ve been given an opportunity to practice what we preach in an even more devoted way because, once again, Life has given us an opportunity gift-wrapped as a challenge.

(Please know that as I write this, I’m aware that there are billions of people not faring well right now from a physical, financial, and emotional standpoint. That’s why I’m even more committed than ever to sharing how we can do less and have more. I would never propose that I have the solution to the global challenges we’re experiencing, but I’m definitely here to put in my shift and add the medicine that I know I’m here to add.)

There are 5 key things that we’ve been practicing that have made a huge difference for us these past 2.5 when it comes to keeping our revenue above average, serving our customers, and remaining sane and healthy. (And even thriving on some days!)

We outlined them for you with examples in this week’s episode of The Kate & Mike Show.

Listen in to 5 Ways to Make Running Your Business Easier (and Even Improve Your Results) to hear:

  • The simple thing you can put first every day that makes a HUGE difference in your work output for the rest of the day
  • The counterintuitive approach to our offerings that we’ve been using to increase our revenue
  • Why creativity can be a huge time-waster (and how to make sure you don’t fall in that trap)
  • The 2 things we do more of in our business so that we can do less of everything else

Running a business isn’t easy. But a lot of us are making it harder than it needs to be.

May this week’s show ease your path on multiple levels.

5 Ways to Make Running Your Business Easier (and Even Improve Your Results)

In This Episode

  • The cultural programming that Kate says she is still recovering from [9:00]
  • How “Body First, Business Second” is so simple – but effective [14:05]
  • What we’re seeing right now on a global scale [19:35]
  • Do fewer things – make life easier [31:00]
  • How Kate has been re-purposing rather than re-inventing [37:05]
  • Why you don’t need to be on every single social media platform [42:45]
  • Tips and strategies for having clear, powerful and specific messaging [45:56]
  • What you can start to automate, delegate and eliminate in your business [51:46]

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