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Episode 182: What to Do When You Lose Yourself with Glennon Doyle

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When we were in the first year of doing The Kate & Mike Show, I made a list of “Podcast Unicorns” who I dreamed of having on the show.

TBH, I never reached out to ask this week’s guest onto the show, but I held her name close to my heart on my dream list, trusting that the time would come and that when it did, I would know.

Well, my friend, the time came, she said yes, and I’m SO thrilled to be sharing a conversation with you that meant the world to me and that I hope you’ll find as nourishing as I did.

Glennon Doyle, whose new book Untamed is spectacular and has been a #1 NY Times Bestseller for the last 5 weeks, joined Mike and me for a cozy, after-the-kids-were-in-bed conversation where we talked about:

  • What to do when you feel like you’re going to die because you’re being publicly criticized (on whatever scale)
  • How to navigate wanting to tell stories about your kids publicly and the line between public and private in the land of the interwebs
  • The question it’s critical we ask ourselves about people in positions of authority in our lives so that we don’t lose ourselves
  • How to raise girls who don’t lose themselves (and/or how to help them come back when they do)
  • Why raising angry girls is a good thing
  • How to find yourself again when you’ve noticed you’re lost
  • And so much more!

Glennon’s work has been deeply helpful to me at several critical junctures ever since I first read Carry On, Warrior in 2016, and 4 years later I couldn’t be more thrilled to be sharing this conversation with you.

What to Do When You Lose Yourself with Glennon Doyle

In This Episode

  • How Glennon navigates writing books, and telling stories, as a mother [11:56]
  • What “The Ache” is and how it applies to this moment in time that we are all experiencing collectively [18:27]
  • The two main types of criticism that exists, and the cycle she goes through in order to handle the critics [24:56]
  • Why a good apology is so powerful [29:15]
  • What women need to do today in order to thrive [30:35]
  • The questions that Glennon asks herself – and you should too [34:30]
  • What she wants us to understand about religion [37:35]
  • How women are trained from an early age, and the revolution that is happening right now [41:05]
  • What can be done to counteract the toxic masculinity we face [49:15]
  • Glennon’s process that you can use to find yourself again [51:55]

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Jani Lane (Warrant) Christiane Northrup, M.D. Alicia Keys Meggan Watterson

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  • Kate and Mike–I loved this episode SO. MUCH. It made me laugh out loud–I so loved your conversation with Glennon. It just made me feel so validated and known, like I was right there in my pajamas with you guys. Bought Glennon’s book right away, and I’m just devouring it. Just so much love, you guys–thanks for this, all of you.

    • Kate Northrup

      Wonderful Marci! I’m so glad you enjoyed the conversation and could curl right up with us. Thank you and enjoy every moment of that delectable book!

  • Elizabeth

    Hi Kate & Mike,

    So grateful that I discovered your show, thank you! Just the right amount of laughter, information, and inspiration.

    I’m reading Kate’s book and Glennon’s book at the moment (2 books on the go works for me, plus they are a great combination).

    I was thrilled to hear that Glennon Doyle was going to be your guest. So, the occasion called for no disruptions (I am a single Mum of 3 teenage boys), a cosy spot to sit, candles and a mug of freshly brewed coffee!!! What an absolute great!

    Thank you so much for your passion, humour, creativity, hard work and inspiration! Despite the challenges that my sons and I face, we stay strong, healthy and connected (most of the time).

    You are all amazing!!!
    Thank you,

    Elizabeth (Cambridge, England)

    • Kate Northrup

      Thank you so much for listening with rapt attention – wow! What an honor. Thrilled to have you here in the podsquad!

  • Elizabeth

    Ooops… ‘what an absolute great!’
    Should read… What an absolutely great show!

    PS. First time I’ve ever commented on a podcast.

    Elizabeth x

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