Episode 18: Moby: Sex, Drugs, and Self-Compassion – A Conversation about Porcelain: A Memoir and Being Human

Today is a very special episode, as we’re joined by our friend Moby. Moby’s not only a DJ, musician, author and animal rights activist, he’s an all-around great guy. On this episode, he shares the story behind his memoir, Porcelain, his thoughts on fame, happiness and much, much more!


In this Episode

  • How Moby became an “honorary member” of a goddess group [1:47]
  • Does he really miss living in New York, or is it just nostalgia? [3:38]
  • On the surface he now appears to be really “dull and boring”, but is enjoying where he’s at in life [9:45]
  • Moby has compassion for who he use to be; he was doing his best but didn’t know any better [13:08]
  • Being alive is remarkable, but it can also be short, confusing and filled with pain [14:28]
  • He had no idea if he could write an interesting and relevant book, but he knew he had a lot of interesting stories [19:41]
  • The majority of the people on the planet are desperately pursuing things that they think will make them happy [26:20]
  • Is Moby happier now than he was in his early 20’s? [29:00]
  • We can choose how we respond to things, and we can choose where we put our attention [36:08]
  • Vulnerability can be the greatest gift you can give [41:05]
  • Donald Trump is sick and sad, but stumbling through the human condition the same way we all are [43:20]
  • For years he continued to focus on fame, even if it wasn’t making him happy [51:50]
  • Even if no one hears the music Moby creates now, he still gets job from the action of doing it [53:25]
  • The performers he wishes he had the opportunity to collaborate with [54:50]

Selected Links from the Episode

Moby’s Website

Porcelain: A Memoir by Moby

Remembrance of Things Past by Marcel Proust

Man’s Search For Meaning by Viktor Frankl

The Do Less Experiment


People Mentioned

Leonard Cohen
James Blake


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  • Erin Caplan

    Kate and Mike, I have listened to 75% of your podcasts. Love your candidates..You guys “go there”! So refreshing. You mentioned being open to podcast ideas.
    Kate, I’d love to hear about how becoming a mother – this rite of passage-changed you.
    And I would be very interested in a podcast on how you’ve addressed and survived P’s skin issues. I think NAET has helped ? I also was a patient of Lucy Hutchison’s for years. I credit her for my current health and happiness,
    Thank you for creating this podcast!

  • Erin Caplan

    *candidness, NOT candidates!

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