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Episode 179: Working Without Childcare While Quarantined

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Over here at HQ (aka our house), we’ve got a 4 ½-year-old and an almost-2-year-old and a company to run. Plus many of our team members are in the same boat at their houses.

There are so many different permutations of how this moment of quarantine is affecting different households, but for those of you who find yourself with the literally impossible task of working full-time while parenting full-time and also possibly guiding homeschooling, this message is for you.

(This will also be particularly useful for folks caregiving in any capacity, even if it’s not for kids.)

First of all, I will say that I am by no means the world’s leading expert on working from home while parenting. No one should be. This is for the birds.

Second, though, I am obsessed with the logistics of time and how our rhythms can either support or deflate our wellbeing and impact.

So, when a bunch of folks in our community reached out asking how Mike and I are navigating the fact that we both work and we have no childcare right now, I figured we’d share what we’re doing behind the scenes.

You can count on me for one thing always: transparency.

I’ll tell you when I don’t know what I’m doing, and I’ll tell you what’s working. That’s my promise.

In this week’s episode of The Kate & Mike Show we share:

  • The daily conversation we’re having that makes a world of difference in the logistics of working and parenting together during this weird moment
  • A critical ingredient that any ask for support needs to have during this time (and really anytime)
  • Mike’s excellent wisdom for those of us who are going a little nuts with no breaks from our children (🙋)

Press play if you’re trying to work from home without childcare too.

At the very least you’ll know you’re not alone. ;)

Working Without Childcare While Quarantined

In This Episode

  • What Kate believes is happening right now [7:50]
  • Why we need to be questioning our beliefs [11:40]
  • Some struggles she’s experiencing working at home without childcare and how Mike has changed his thought process around this [20:17]
  • What we’re doing logistically and how it’s working out [23:50]
  • Some questions Mike has been asking himself [27:50]
  • The commitments we are keeping and what we will continue to offer our audience [36:50]
  • The transition phase we now find ourselves in [40:40]
  • Why now is such a good time to renegotiate responsibilities in a partnership [50:35]

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  • grace

    Hi Kate and Mike!!
    As you noted from an earlier listener, I do not fit into any of the “targetted” categories of your podcast!! And as with that listener, my children do “fit in.” I just enjoy hearing your voices and soaking in some wisdom along the way. You are a delightful online presence and I send you wishes for all of life’s best blessings!!

    • Kate Northrup

      Thank you for being here Grace even though you don’t necessarily fit into our target demographic. We’re thrilled you’re here!

  • Love this podcast Kate and Mike! Also, just re-read “Do Less” and got more out of it the second time. So so helpful for an ambitious woman. Thank you!

    Kate, I loved hearing that getting outdoors with your girls has helped during this wild time of trying to work from home while raising kids, with no help! I’m with you. I wanted to share that I run a small business called Kids Movement Project, sharing the importance of regular exercise and time spent outdoors with children and their caregivers. I am based out of Portland, Maine and thought you might be interested in my current project, which is sharing family friendly local trails for outdoor adventures with your kids! I am mostly sticking with the 31 Portland Trails, but am also branching out a wee bit. Trying to stay close and find less busy trails..and we have discovered some real gems! I’m sharing all of this on instagram @kidsmovementproject Also, this is 100% free. Just enjoying a reason to adventure with my own kids…and pursue a project involving something I’m passionate about. It has truly been my lifeline.

    I’ll keep listening to your podcast. You two are a breath of fresh air and always give me a good laugh. Thanks again, Jill

    • Kate Northrup

      Thank you SO much for listening in Jill and I’m thrilled to learn about your business. Following your IG account now! This is the best!

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