Episode 178: Leadership When You’re Crawling Out of Your Skin

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So, I’m usually someone who recommends not sharing what you’re going through publicly while smack-dab in the middle of going through it.

Mostly this is because I think sharing from the messy middle is unearned intimacy and secondly because I’m someone who likes to be useful and usually I don’t have a helpful perspective to share until after a little time has passed.

However, this week I went against my own advice.

As a recovering achiever, I don’t love the feeling of being out of control and not having my sh*t together. And while vulnerability and I have continued to make better friends over the years, feeling lost in the murk in public feels deeply uncomfortable.

But at the end of last week, we recorded our podcast right when I was in the murk of feeling lost and like there was a lot of pressure for me, as someone with a platform, to say the right thing or know how to guide people.

In many ways in that moment, I felt out of my depth.

When we finished recording, I had a major vulnerability hangover because I didn’t feel like I’d presented the “with it” version of myself that I prefer to be out in the world. But there it was. And Mike assured me that admitting on our podcast that I have no idea WTF is going on would be useful to folks.

So, if you want to listen in on a conversation that made me super uncomfortable and witness me in the messy middle, this week’s episode is for you.

Leadership When You’re Crawling Out of Your Skin

In This Episode

  • The two big choices each of us has right now, regardless of the circumstance [1:23]
  • What the members of our community are experiencing – and why it’s ok to feel how you feel [7:35]
  • The opportunities for connection that exist at this time [10:21]
  • Why Kate believes we are now in the “fertile void” – and what this means for you [13:44]
  • Some of the things that she is struggling with at the moment [20:48]
  • The way that Mike is experiencing this situation [23:55]
  • How our business is changing and the business questions you should be asking yourself [28:15]
  • Why this was such a difficult episode for Kate to record [37:20]
  • What happens when we segment groups and polarize people against one another [48:50]

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  • Hey Kate and Mike–I know this episode made you super uncomfortable afterwards, Kate, but let me say that it made me feel more than ever, in the most authentic way, that we’re all just in this together, doing the best we can. I’m trying to run my business with my two teenagers at home (who will have lessons from school this week) and my wife, who has early-onset Alzheimer’s (and whose anxiety and confusion is running super high at the moment). Some tense moments here at home. We all just need to be kind to ourselves too, as well as to others. We’ll make it. Love to you both!

    • Kate Northrup

      Thank you for listening in Marci and I’m sending you so much love during this bizarre and difficult time. I appreciate you being part of our community!

  • Thank you Kate and Mike for your continued authentic and heart felt shares about our global healing opportunity that is happening. I am so grateful for this show, for the two of you! I love Kate how you share that you wrote the book Do Less because you needed to slow down…… our inner work is our best teacher for us and the world, thank you for allowing us to witness you!

  • Kate and Mike,
    This was truly one of the most deeply touching episodes I’ve heard and I’ve heard a lot of them.
    The permission and value of being authentic was what I got from this conversation. That I don’t need to hurry up and create my course, but instead, show up with what’s in my heart for people and for myself.
    And that even resonated through the part at the end of my talking about journalism like let’s get to what’s real, for the benefit of all people.
    And although I don’t have kids, even the conversation about that really speaks to being present with what IS and navigating whatever’s happening for other people- near us and everywhere on the planet is so important so powerful.
    Thank you for showing up.
    I’m so inspired and “unstuck” now ❤️🙏✨
    All love to you and everyone!

    • Kate Northrup

      Thank you so much for listening in! I’m so glad that this episode resonated with you. Thank you for being part of our community and sharing your heart.

  • Thank you for your podcast, especially for this episode! Your truth sets me free! I love your honesty and I really feel connected – that‘s a very big thing in these times.
    I‘m looking forward seeing „where“ you both (and your precious girls) will end up. What an amazing opportunity of transformation.
    I also get to know my girls on a deeper level. Especially my almost 3 year old – I have this extra time with her now and everyday I notice something new. It‘s a crazy, hard and definitely brutiful time.
    Thank you for your thoughts and thank you for showing up in such an honest way!
    Love, Christine

    • Kate Northrup

      Thank you for listening in and for your kind comment! I can tell you that since we’re about 10 days out from recording that episode I feel like we’ve undergone a transformation and have surrendered to this time. Now we’re just showing up every day in the best way we can and enjoying it as much as possible! Thanks for being here!

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