Episode 173: How to Build a Business That Runs Without You with Laura Roeder, Co-Founder of MeetEdgar and B-School

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We certainly record our podcast every week to deliver education, insight, and hopefully some entertainment to you every week, but sometimes the truth is, we do it for ourselves.

Sometimes someone says something that makes us see something really clearly for the first time in a long time, or perhaps ever.

When we sat down to record the interview we’re sharing this week, that happened to me.

There was a moment during the interview with Laura Roeder, who originally founded B-School with Marie Forleo, when she was talking about why she walked away from the gargantuan program and opportunity and my mouth literally began to water.

There’s something about the simplicity and clarity with which Laura, also co-founder of the incredible social media scheduling and repurposing software, MeetEdgar, speaks about how to determine what kind of business to create (and then how to create it) that blew my mind.

This episode is a MUST listen if you:

  • feel like you’re just going through the motions in your life and business and haven’t picked your head up to ask, “Is this really what I want?” in a while
  • want to hear the incredible story of why Laura walked away from B-School (and how leaving ended up making her more money than staying)
  • want to learn how Laura grew a business that she could walk away from and still make amazing money and how you can apply that to your situation
  • want to hear what Laura said that made my mouth water (because I know I want more of that!)

Not all of us are made for the same kind of business. And sometimes a business model is right only for a season, and then it’s time to pivot or split.

Laura is such a brilliant example of this and we’re so excited to share her story with you today.

How to Build a Business That Runs Without You with Laura Roeder, Co-Founder of Edgar and B-School

In This Episode

  • Laura’s business trajectory, starting as a web designer years ago [3:16]
  • How she learned that bigger isn’t better, and more fame isn’t what she wanted [9:46]
  • The hesitations, doubts and fears she had around leaving B-School as one of its founders [14:00]
  • What the transition from information marketing to software looked like for Laura [15:45]
  • Why MeetEdgar is the “do less” way to do social media & the amazing results her software company generated in just the first year of operation [17:00]
  • What the company looks like today and the way that Laura was able to step back from it [21:48]
  • Two very different books she’s now reading and the big realizations she got from each of them [27:53]
  • The stories she was telling herself around her worthiness – and an important reframe she made [42:14]
  • Laura’s expert advice that can help any newer business owner [51:20]

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