Episode 171: The Feminist Time Management System That Will Change Your Life

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Ever find yourself getting all fired up about something and loving the part of yourself that you access when you get all feisty?

I have found myself in this place A LOT lately, and based on our sudden spike in podcast downloads and Facebook live views, you’re on board, too. Thank you for being my feisty friends who are ready to shake sh*t up with me.

I’ve always been a stationery enthusiast. Blank journals, papers, pens, and planners have always held a certain mystique for me.

I got started creating my own planners when my age was in the single digits, and I graduated to a DayTimer in high school and Filofax in college.

Then somewhere along the way, that straight-A student who was so adept at coloring inside the lines started to question the whole idea of creating success through trying to fit more into our days.

She craved the structure and grounding of her planning obsession, but something was missing.

It turned out what was missing was the entire other half of the energetic polarity we all carry as humans.

It turned out what was missing was the exhale.

What was missing was the softness.

What was missing was the pause.

So she listened, and a whole new way of doing things came through.

This new way creates:

  • More ease and more flow while improving results
  • A process-oriented approach that leads to tremendous joy and satisfaction
  • Health on all possible levels

This week on the podcast, Mike and I are diving into the feminist time management system that will change your life, and we’re really going there.

We outlined the 3 ways that traditional time management systems are keeping us stuck and exhausted (plus wasting our lives) and how the feminist approach that came through me 4 years ago gives us our lives, results, and health back.

Plus, we talked about why a widened view of feminism is good for everyone.

This was a feisty one, and I think you’re going to like it.

Here’s to getting fired up about the things that matter.

The Feminist Time Management System That Will Change Your Life

In This Episode

  • What Kate recently learned about herself by studying human design [4:12]
  • Why we should all be looking at a feminist approach to time management [11:12]
  • How the masculine approach to life can be changed through our planning [13:18]
  • Who is really suffering under the patriarchy [15:17]
  • What the word “feminist” means to each of us [21:08]
  • A look at cyclical versus linear living [28:55]
  • Why taking a process-oriented approach, and not just looking at results, can be beneficial [31:33]
  • What it means to work from the “inside-out” using our feminine energy [40:23]
  • How to get Kate’s Sacred Practice Planner and Tracker – and how what these tools can do for you [48:57]
  • A way to change your perspective and to stop playing the competition game [51:40]

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